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Consultant ENT surgeon, specialist in Microscopic ear surgery, tympanoplasty, MRM, Stapedotomy, Endosocpic sinus Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Tonsillectomy, Snoring surgery, Lobuloplasty, Microlayngeal Surgery vertigo, Head and Neck cancer surgery

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Dr. Bimarjeet pradhan postgraduate from U.C.M.S New Delhi has an excellent academic carrier throughout and excellent surgical skill. He is the best ENT surgeon in jamshedpur at present. Already he has performed more than 10,000 ENT surgery in jamshedpur successfully. He has brilliant clinical acumen and surgical skills.

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I Dr. Bimarjeet pradhan ,Consultant ENT Surgeon Committed to provide best care for ENT related problems in our center.we are equipped with all modern equipments like micro debrider,coblator,microscope,endoscope.we provide high quality of modern ENT services in jamshedpur and periphery.Our Skilled Team offer a comprehensive array of state of the art procedure.We provide microdebrider assisted surgery ,coblator assisted surgery,cochlear implant in our center.

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